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William Silano  
William Silano
American, 1934-2014
Nude against the Dune
Cibachrome print
13 × 19 in
Editorial shoot for Harper’s Bazaar or Vogue Magazine
Along with Hiro, he trailblazed the use of late crisp light, deep bold saturated color with simplified and graphic compositions. To get the deep blues Silano used a polarizer filter. This paved the way for a contemporary iconography used color photographers today. Unfortunately, Silano gets no virtually credit for co-inventing a style of art 16 x 20 sheet
Framed: 21 x 17
Printed somewhere between the late 1960's and mid 1980's
At the time, it could be argued that Cibachrome was the best color print possible with the exception of a Dye Transfer. It was a plastic, polyester based print and the colors did not fade. Signature: Estate Stamp on verso Estate of Bill Silano George Silano Administrator George Silano is his brother. Additional Stamp: William Silano. Silano Studio 1968 witten in pencil
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